Child & Youth Advocacy Program

Child & Youth Advocates

Boost’s Child & Youth Advocacy Program (CYAP) is a voluntary service offered to all families involved with the CYAC during a child abuse investigation. Our Child & Youth Advocates provide immediate and ongoing support, advocacy and referral services to children/youth and their family members.

During investigations at
the CYAC

Advocates will:


Greet the family and provide them with a tour of the CYAC.


Introduce the family to the Investigative Team.


Remain with family members throughout investigative interviews to provide emotional support, answer questions and address concerns.


Provide information on next steps and services available to the family through the CYAC and the community.

Following investigations at the CYAC

The Advocate will contact the family on an ongoing basis to offer support, updates and referrals, including:



Court Support

Other Required Supports

Families are encouraged to contact the Advocate at any time with questions, concerns or feedback.

Offsite Investigations

At times, CYAC investigators conduct interviews outside of the CYAC (e.g., at the child’s school). All Advocate services are available to these children/families. With consent, the Advocate will contact the family following the investigative interview.

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