Highlights from the dip

Thank you 2023 Dippers and Supporters – $90,000 was raised!

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Polar Bear Dip FAQs

  • Is it cold? um yea….usually on Jan 1 the water temperature is hovering around 2 degrees C. A few years we’ve had thin ice and ice pellets on the surface. One year the water froze over right after the dip.
  • Do I have to have a team or be on a team? Nope. Solo’s fine – bring a buddy day of though.
  • Are there change rooms? No, not at all. Most people arrive at the beach with their bathing suit on under their clothes.
    After, you’ll have to figure out how to get out of your bathing suit and get wrapped up and dressed enough to get to a warm car afterwards.
    Definitely have a friend with you to help you. Check out the list of dip must-haves on our website.
  • Is a shot of liquid courage a good idea? NO. While the dip is an excellent hangover cure…Please refrain from drinking on the day of the dip
  • How much of the money goes to the charity? We’re glad you asked! All of it. They have to pay for expenses like city permits, and some of the day of supplies, but all the funds go directly to Boost. (and btw…something like 85% of the money they raise goes directly into programs that help kids in Toronto)

Dip Day checklist:

To make your experience as enjoyable as possible, we recommend at least the following:

  1. Proper Footwear – Stepping on something rocky or pointy isn’t fun in freezing cold water.
    Wear full water sandles or water socks (best) or old running shoes (ok, just make sure they fit snugly).
  2. Lots of towels
  3. A blanket to claim your patch of beach and to change on
  4. Warm loose fitting clothes and footwear that are easy to put on in a hurry when you get out of the water (big loose fitting boots are amazing)
  5. !!! Important !!! Bring a friend to mind your stuff and help you when you get out of the water.
    If it’s a really cold day, your feet and fingers won’t work real well after the dip so you’ll probably need some help and since we don’t have change rooms,
    someone to hold up a towel for you can be handy…

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