2018-2020 Strategic Overview


In February 2018, Boost CYAC underwent a facilitated strategic planning exercise with the Board, management and front line staff. Below are Boost CYAC’s strategic goal and key priorities for the above noted period.

GOAL: To be a recognized leader and innovator in child and youth advocacy services.


  • Provide the gold standard in child abuse prevention, multidisciplinary services and support programs.
  • Establish Boost CYAC as a national learning and training centre for Child and Youth Advocacy services.
  • Develop and implement research and evaluation plan to meet program priorities.
  • Design and implement an equity strategy to meaningfully engage youth and families.

GOAL: To provide all of our services city-wide.


  • Develop and implement a business and partnership plan for robust and sustainable city-wide service delivery.
  • Establish a single-site facility with capacity to provide services across the City of Toronto.
  • Implement a funding strategy that supports sustainable city-wide services.

GOAL: To be highly visible and trusted in child abuse prevention and intervention.


  • Implement a communications strategy to promote Boost CYAC visibility and increase public awareness of child abuse.
  • Increase engagement with all levels of government to strengthen their commitment to support Boost CYAC.
  • Expand outreach to increase knowledge of Boost CYAC within Toronto and across our provincial and national networks.