BARK Program

Boost Accredited Reliable K9s (BARK) Program provides additional support to children and youth through the use of accredited facility dogs. Iggy and Jersey are specially trained and provide comfort and support to children and youth in:

  • the forensic interview;
  • the medical examination;
  • counselling and court preparation sessions, and;
  • while testifying in court.

For children/youth who have experienced abuse and/or trauma, navigating our justice system can be lengthy and very challenging. Finding innovative ways to address their needs is a necessary part of supporting children and youth. Facility dogs help to keep children and youth calm and centred throughout their testimony. They provide comfort and support during what can be a stressful and difficult experience. Children who are less anxious are more likely to provide candid and accurate testimony.

Tools & Resources

The My Court Case tool kit
My Court Case Interactive
Cory’s Courthouse