I’m A Great Little Kid! (Grades SK to 3)

Our evidence-based primary prevention programs introduce children to six basic concepts (self-esteem, communication, making good choices, friendship, touch and how and where to get help) that help them develop and strengthen healthy relationships, and acquire skills and attributes that lessen their vulnerability to abuse and bullying. Go to I’m A Great Kid!

Never Give Up
A story about self-esteem

Shaun may be weak on bike-riding skills, but he is strong on determination. With the help of an understanding friend and his own will to succeed, Shaun feels great about himself and wins the respect of others. Buy Now

Reptile Flu
A story about communication

Kamal is terrified to go to the live reptile show with his class, but he’s embarrassed to admit he’s afraid. What if the kids tease him? What if they laugh? He tries various ways to let people know he’s afraid without actually saying it. In desperation Kamal finds a last-minute way to communicate clearly, with surprising results. Buy Now

For more information about I’m A Great Little Kid!, please contact:

Audrey Rastin
Director of Prevention Education
(416) 515-1100 Ext. 59229

Fifteen Dollars and Thirty-Five Cents
A story about choices

When Joseph and Devon find money in the schoolyard the two friends have different thoughts about what to do. Should they say “finders keepers” or find out who lost it? It takes some courage but Devon figures out how to help Joseph make the right choice.
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Sign Up Here
A story about friendship

It seems like everyone is in a club except Dee-Dee. All of her friends are excluding her, even though Dee-Dee knows she’s a good friend to all of them. So she comes up with her own club that includes everyone and shows her classmates how friends should treat each other. Buy Now

That Uh-oh Feeling
A story about touch

Claire can’t kick the soccer ball in a straight line no matter how hard she tries, but her coach still tells her she’s his star player. When he tickles her and asks her to keep it a secret, Claire feels weird. Too much flattery and too much contact give her that “uh-oh” feeling. The situation is resolved happily when Claire decides not to keep the secrets from others, and communicates her feelings. Buy Now

A Tattle-tell Tale
A story about getting help

Every day this week a big kid steals a part of Joseph’s lunch. First it’s his brownie, but them it’s his sandwich, which leaves Joseph with nothing but carrots sticks for lunch. Joseph doesn’t want to tattle, but he’s hungry and doesn’t like having to eat lunch alone. When he asks for help from the principal, Joseph learns that there’s a difference between tattling and telling.
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I’m A Great Little Kid! / I’m A Great Kid! Teacher Training

This workshop helps to prepare professionals to implement the I’m A Great Little Kid! and I’m A Great Kid! programs with children ages 4 to 11.

For more information or to book training, please contact:
Audrey Rastin
Director of Prevention Education
(416) 515-1100 ext. 59229