Bullying & Peer Abuse

Bullying is not a new phenomenon; it is a problem that can have negative effects on the climate of the playroom, classroom and community and can impede the rights of children to learn and play in a safe environment. The negative consequences of bullying have an impact on everyone – the child who is bullying, the child being bullied, the bystanders, parents and those working with children. In some cases, bullying can have lifelong physical and social effects on children. This workshop explores:

  • what is bullying;
  • different types of bullying;
  • identifying concerning behaviours and warning signs;
  • strategies to respond to incidents;
  • steps to prevent bullying; and
  • developing policies and practices.

For more information, or to book a training, please contact:

Pearl Rimer
Director of Research, Training & Internet Child Exploitation Program
Tel: (416) 515-1100 ext. 59230