Information Sheets

Choose the topic you want to learn more about with regards to child abuse and how to respond effectively. These information sheets are available in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Punjabi, Tamil and Urdu. Please click a topic below and then the language button of your choice.

2. Guiding Children's Behaviour
3. High Risk Caregiver Behaviours
4. Possible Indicators of Child Abuse and Exposure to Family Violence / Documentation
5. Children's Sexual Behaviour
6. Do's and Dont' When There is a Disclosure
7. Summary of Legal Requirements
9. Helping Families When a Child Has Been Abused
10. Healing Messages For Children
11. Helping The Child Who Has Been Abused
12. Maintaining A Positive Parent-Client Relationship When Child Abuse Is Suspected
13. Preventative Steps When Caring for Children in Your Home
14. Children Exposed to Family Violence