OCTOBER 1, 2014


Toronto, Ontario (October 1, 2014): The first step in protecting children from child abuse is to teach them that there are no secrets between a child and an adult. “It’s our little secret” said by a mother to her child can seem harmless, but when spoken by a child abuse offender these words can cause irrevocable harm.

October is Child Abuse Prevention month and Boost Child Abuse Prevention & Intervention™ (Boost) aims to teach children and parents that some secrets are dangerous. “Abuse usually happens under a veil of secrecy,” says Karyn Kennedy, Executive Director at Boost. “Secrecy is a tool offenders use to manipulate children. Many offenders trick children into believing a secret is “good” or “special” or use fear or guilt to prevent children from telling.”

The subject of child abuse is a difficult one but Boost wants to remind Canadians that over 90 percent of children who have been abused know their abusers and most never tell. (from the Ontario Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect-2003, Fallon et al., 2003)

For the month of October, Boost is offering Keeping Kids Safe webinars at no cost to help adults learn how to protect children. Visit for more information.

Boost is an organization that, for 33 years has provided services to children, youth and their families to prevent abuse and intervene when they have experienced abuse. Last year, in partnership with a number of community agencies, Boost opened the doors to Toronto’s first Child and Youth Advocacy Centre (CYAC). The goal of the CYAC is to provide the very best child-focused investigation, treatment, support services, and advocacy to children under one roof.

Today marks the first anniversary of the CYAC at Boost. Donors, funders, Government officials and members of the community attended the centre to celebrate this milestone and recognize the improved system response to child abuse. By working within a multi-disciplinary framework, there have been great improvements in the investigative
response, more timely medical evaluations and immediate mental health support for children and families. The centre has conducted 780 child abuse investigations since opening, nearly twice the anticipated number. “The CYAC at Boost demonstrates an exemplary community partnership,” said Toronto Police Chief, William Blair. “By working closely, under one roof, the many professionals involved in child abuse investigations create seamless pathways to services for children and youth who have been victimized. Congratulations to Boost on your leadership and for creating a child-friendly setting that improves services for our most vulnerable members of society – our children.”

About Boost Child Abuse Prevention& Intervention
Boost is a community-based agency committed to eliminating abuse and violence in the lives of children, youth, and their families. The centre is a registered charity and provides services to children and youth who have experienced abuse, and their families. This year, Boost is celebrating 33 years of excellent service in the City of Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area and the Central Region of Ontario.

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