Student & Volunteer Opportunities

Student Placements


All placement opportunities for the 2018/2019 academic year are full. We are not offering placements for Spring/Summer 2019.


Boost CYAC is supportive of student placements and values the opportunity to support students in their career development.

The application process begins in the spring prior to the fall academic term. Applications must be made by the Placement Coordinator or Program Supervisor at the College or University.

Placement opportunities at Boost CYAC vary from year to year and depend on program needs and staff available to supervise students.

If you are interested in completing a student placement with Boost CYAC, please request that your Placement Coordinator or Program Supervisor contact us by March.


Linda Arwich
Manager of Human Resources & Administration

Volunteering at Boost CYAC


Boost CYAC volunteers are an outstanding group of people. They are groups and individuals representing our community and they share in a common need to reach out and help others. Volunteers of all ages play an integral role in our fundraising, awareness and service activities. Our volunteers contribute their unique skills, experience and compassion to help us.

We recruit volunteers with the skills, experience, qualifications and interest to meet our needs and offer rewarding opportunities to make a difference.


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